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Foursquare Courts Businesses and Brands with Expanded Content
Foursquare has just expanded the content section of its website to include detailed explanations of how, exactly, businesses and brands can use their service to attract traffic and revenue. With this move, Foursquare is demonstrating a real commitment to engaging business owners by providing them with detailed and specific instructions on how they can use this location based service successfully.

On the Foursquare for business site, merchants or brands who are interested in using the service but have been hesitant to do so due to not being completely clear on how it would benefit them can now access in-depth, easy-to-understand instructions. For merchants with a physical location, Foursquare presents a simple, step-by-step guide on how they can claim their business and lists, in detail, the different types of specials they can create, even providing real-world examples of each of them. They then go on to explain how users will discover the specials and suggests ways to promote these specials within the company’s venue. Foursquare even spells out exactly how businesses can redeem these specials so there will not be any confusion or uncertainty when it comes to providing customers with their promised promotions. Finally, Foursquare explains, in detail, venue stats and how this metric can help businesses to measure the impact of the various specials and promotions they offer.

Foursquare has also provided brands without a physical location with helpful information on how they, too, can use their platform successfully. Brands can learn how to create their page, how to use tips, ideas on how to gather followers and an extensive discussion of badges, detailing their function and the criteria for using them.

By expounding on how businesses can use their program and by proving real-life examples, Foursquare is showing that it’s serious about reaching out to businesses rather than concentrating solely on user experience. As more and more location based services spring up, taking this step was necessary for Foursquare if they hope to remain a leader in the industry.

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